L- SPEC 1kg water soluble

L- SPEC 1kg water soluble


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6 disponibles


L-SPEC: The Premium Antibiotic with Dual Action in One Strength

Lincomycin + Spectinomycin

L-Spec contains the powerful combination of Lincomycin and Spectinomycin. It is considered by many as their drug of choice for complicated cases such as:

• Chronic Respiratory Disease “CRD” (Halak)
• Salmonellosis (Yellowish Droppings)
• Bacterial Enteritis
• Mycoplasma synoviae

Product Features:
• Two potent antibiotics in one product.
• L-Spec is a Broad Spectrum Antibiotic which has a wide range of efficacy against several bacterial diseases i poultry and swine.
• Fast acting. Within an hour, L-Spec is absorbed by the blood carried to the affected area.
• Complete recovery after 3 days of medication.

Dosage and Administration


Kidney and liver: 21 days

Meat: 14 days

Egg: 3 days

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