Oxy Rid Eye Worm Drops

Tetrahydro Phenyl Imidazo Thiazole

  • The only and effective eye drop formulation for eye worm.

  • Expect no itching, teary eye or any other side effects on the game fowl.

  • In 2 minutes, the formulation of Oxyrid kills eye worms that infest the eye of the gamefowl.

  • Expect clearer, sharper and healthier eyes especially during fight.

Direction for use

Prevention : 1 drop each eye of the gamefowl once every month. (Make a habit of using OXY RID Eye Dewormer whenever you deworm and delouse your gamefowl).

Treatment : 2 drops per eye of the gamefowl.


1 Box = 12 Dropper Bottles

1 Dropper Bottle = 5 ml

Note: per 5 ml Oxy rid Eye Worm contains 80 drops for 40 cocks/hen